Week 3 The Sound Experiment

The Sound Experiment

Today there were a lot of new children to the group. They all met, conducted an experiment and here is what they had to say:

Icía: I met a lot of new people. I like everyone here and we get along. 

Rafael: We learned how the human ear works, and how sound moves. Then we did an experiment to see what we learned. It was fun and I learned a lot. 

Alba P: I made a team with Icía. We did a noise experiment. I liked this because it’s funny and we learned how ears work. We held hands together and moved like a soundwave, which is like a wave. Then we made a drum like our eardrum, and we put sand on it and made noise, and we saw how it moved. That is how our ears work. 

Sabela: It was interesting to see how sound works and how our ear works. 

Rebeca: The experiment was very loud! But it was fun and now I know what a sound wave looks like and what it does. 

Alba D: We did an experiment today about noise. We made an eardrum to see how sound waves work and how they move.

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