Visiting San Pedro

Mountain of San Pedro


Marcos: I went on top of a rock filled with ants, and they went all over me.

Isma: We saw a yacht and a huge cargo ship.

Marcos: When I saw the shark in VR I got a bit dizzy, because I don’t like VR that simulates movement. But the robots shooting at aliens was very good, I enjoyed it and got the furthest. I also saw a large ship in the sea. 

Alba: At Mount San Pedro we ran around and saw lots of good views. We also explored a labyrinth and thought we got lost, but then found our way out.  


The Wolves

Xeila, Nerea, Tomás (C), Icía.

Group: After eating our snack we played and went into a labyrinth. We also played on the rocks.

We went walking to the mountain and we saw cannons, a lot of plants and flowers…

In the mountain we saw some beautiful views. We played on the grass, and rolled on the grass. It was very well cared for. There were a lot of people.

Nerea: We saw a shark in VR at the Helen Doron Centre, then we walked to the mountain of San Pedro and we ate our snacks. Xeila and I invented a really good dance.

Tomás: I had a lot of fun. I also practised a rap from a song, then danced with my friends. 

Xeila: I danced with Tomás, Nerea and Xacobo. Nerea and I invented a dance at San Pedro, then we performed it

Icía: I had a very good time with Alba. We played lots of games and ran around in a labyrinth. It was a great day.