The Tower of Hercules

The children went on a day trip to The Tower of Hercules. They got to explore the surrounding area and then climb all the way to the top to take in the breathtaking, and windy, views.

Tower of Hercules

Fantastic Five

Isma, Marcos, Alba, Mia, Xacobo.

Marcos: Today we went to the Hercules Tower. We went by bus. When we get there we had to wait because the little ones went to the top first. So we walked and explored around. It was very, VERY windy. So windy that at the giant compass rose Nerea’s bottle popped out of her bag and rolled away. Our hair was very crazy. The compass rose represented celtic countries: Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Britanny and Galicia.


We counted the stairs and there were 240, but the brochure says there are 243.


Alba: We went by bus to the Tower of Hercules. The little ones went up first. When we all came down from the tower we went to eat our snacks. There was a lot of wind and it was a bit scary, but the view was great. 




Xeila, Nerea, Icía and Tomás.

Nerea: Today we went to The Hércules Tower by bus. We played capture the flag in teams and we won the match. Then we went into the tower, there were many very interesting things. We counted the stairs and there were 240! OMG!

We did a presentation with more information of the tower:



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