Learning About Pets


We learned about pets and how to take care of them. We also made some origami cats and dogs.


Alba P: I love origami! It’s very funny and also very pretty. My dog’s name is Star and my cat’s name is Bigotes. I love my cat and my dog because they are very pretty. I want to make more things with origami because it’s a lot of fun. My dog and my cat are best friends.

Alba D: We made origami cats and dogs. I used black paper and stickers. When I made the dog I had a black square and when I finished I decorated it. When I made the cat I also had a black square and when I finished I decorated it. They are beautiful. My dog and my cat are very funny. I love origami because it’s very enjoyable and it was very easy.

Sabela: Origami is very beautiful and we made one dog and one cat. The dog’s name is Heart and my cat’s name is Colorines.

Rafa: Origami is a lot of fun and I had a good time making my pets. My cat is blue and my dog is orange.

Icía: Origami is making things with paper. We made a cat and a dog. We also role-played being each other’s pets and learned how to take care of them and how it feels to be a pet.

The Children Compete

Super Stars



The children took part in a game to practice giving and receiving instructions, with increasingly difficult challenges. One member of each team was blindfolded, and the rest of the team had to give them instructions to rescue a cat, and take it to safety. They split into teams, Super Stars and Unicorns, and things got competitive.



Alba P: I think this game is very funny. I learned a lot because I couldn’t see so I had to trust my team. Seni kept track of the time. I took 3 minutes and 49 seconds to complete the course.

Alba D: I think that this game is good because you learn the directions and we have to save the cat and take it to the other side. You can’t touch the floor or speak in Spanish, because then you lose points each time. I took 1 minute and 46 seconds to complete the course.

Icía: I had a lot of fun with my friend playing the game. I liked saving the cat. 

Sabela: I think that this game is a lot of fun. I learned directions. I took 4 minutes and 18 seconds to complete the course.

Rafa: The game is very easy when you know the directions, but it’s hard when you have a blindfold. I took 2 minutes and a few seconds to complete the course. 

Rebeca: The game is very good but you have to know the directions. The game consisted of finding the cat blindfolded with the help of your team. You have to take the cat and avoid touching the floor.

Week 3 The Sound Experiment

The Sound Experiment

Today there were a lot of new children to the group. They all met, conducted an experiment and here is what they had to say:

Icía: I met a lot of new people. I like everyone here and we get along. 

Rafael: We learned how the human ear works, and how sound moves. Then we did an experiment to see what we learned. It was fun and I learned a lot. 

Alba P: I made a team with Icía. We did a noise experiment. I liked this because it’s funny and we learned how ears work. We held hands together and moved like a soundwave, which is like a wave. Then we made a drum like our eardrum, and we put sand on it and made noise, and we saw how it moved. That is how our ears work. 

Sabela: It was interesting to see how sound works and how our ear works. 

Rebeca: The experiment was very loud! But it was fun and now I know what a sound wave looks like and what it does. 

Alba D: We did an experiment today about noise. We made an eardrum to see how sound waves work and how they move.

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Visiting San Pedro

Mountain of San Pedro


Marcos: I went on top of a rock filled with ants, and they went all over me.

Isma: We saw a yacht and a huge cargo ship.

Marcos: When I saw the shark in VR I got a bit dizzy, because I don’t like VR that simulates movement. But the robots shooting at aliens was very good, I enjoyed it and got the furthest. I also saw a large ship in the sea. 

Alba: At Mount San Pedro we ran around and saw lots of good views. We also explored a labyrinth and thought we got lost, but then found our way out.  


The Wolves

Xeila, Nerea, Tomás (C), Icía.

Group: After eating our snack we played and went into a labyrinth. We also played on the rocks.

We went walking to the mountain and we saw cannons, a lot of plants and flowers…

In the mountain we saw some beautiful views. We played on the grass, and rolled on the grass. It was very well cared for. There were a lot of people.

Nerea: We saw a shark in VR at the Helen Doron Centre, then we walked to the mountain of San Pedro and we ate our snacks. Xeila and I invented a really good dance.

Tomás: I had a lot of fun. I also practised a rap from a song, then danced with my friends. 

Xeila: I danced with Tomás, Nerea and Xacobo. Nerea and I invented a dance at San Pedro, then we performed it

Icía: I had a very good time with Alba. We played lots of games and ran around in a labyrinth. It was a great day. 


The Tower of Hercules

The children went on a day trip to The Tower of Hercules. They got to explore the surrounding area and then climb all the way to the top to take in the breathtaking, and windy, views.

Tower of Hercules

Fantastic Five

Isma, Marcos, Alba, Mia, Xacobo.

Marcos: Today we went to the Hercules Tower. We went by bus. When we get there we had to wait because the little ones went to the top first. So we walked and explored around. It was very, VERY windy. So windy that at the giant compass rose Nerea’s bottle popped out of her bag and rolled away. Our hair was very crazy. The compass rose represented celtic countries: Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Britanny and Galicia.


We counted the stairs and there were 240, but the brochure says there are 243.


Alba: We went by bus to the Tower of Hercules. The little ones went up first. When we all came down from the tower we went to eat our snacks. There was a lot of wind and it was a bit scary, but the view was great. 




Xeila, Nerea, Icía and Tomás.

Nerea: Today we went to The Hércules Tower by bus. We played capture the flag in teams and we won the match. Then we went into the tower, there were many very interesting things. We counted the stairs and there were 240! OMG!

We did a presentation with more information of the tower:



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The Mystery Tree

The children became fascinated by a «tree» they found, and we let their natural curiosity lead the investigation. Here are their entries about the tree they found, and what they learnt.

The Mystery Tree

One day we were playing in the park and went for a walk. During our walk, we saw many things like a fountain, flowers, birds, trees, dogs, and children playing.

Mystery Tree 1

 We found a mystery tree. We didn’t know what it was called, or what type of tree it was.



We wanted to know what the tree was called. The first thing we did was look at the “leaves”. But it didn’t have leaves! It had lots of little branches. It also had little flowers.


Nerea said that she saw the same little branches in a different part of the park. They were in some bushes. So we went to the other part of the park to see.


We found the tree! The small branches were the same. The mystery tree is not a tree, it is a bush!


First Day of Camp!

Today was the first day of camp. The children made teams and took part in activities to get to know each other. In each entry the children have chosen their own layout, pictures and fonts to have a living diary of their time at camp. Let’s start:

Team Panda

Isma, Mia, Sofia, Marcos (Captain)

Isma: We introduced ourselves, then we went to the park and saw a dead bird. That was sad because I like birds and animals. We had fun at the park and it was nice to meet everyone. 

Mia: We went to the park and we played with a Frisbee and started to work on a squirrel craft.


Nerea Squirrel 1

Sofia: We played a games to introduce ourselves and learn the things we like. We learned we have some things in common, but can also teach each other new things.


Marcos: When I arrived to the learning centre, I met the new teacher. Her name is Kiara, she is 18 years old and she comes from Italy.


Belén, Nerea (Captain) ,Icía, Paula.

Belén: We played games in class then we went to the park and played with the teachers.

Nerea: We started to make a SQUIRREL painting a plastic cup with white and brown.

Icía: We made a squirrel. Then we had to make an orange tail and put the eyes , the mouth and the nose.

Paula: On the way to the park we saw a dead bird, it was yucky.


Super Four

Mafalda, Julia, Carlota, Tomás (Captain)


Mafalda: The activities in the park with the teachers were fun. I like my team!

Julia: The games in the academy are fantastic!

Carlota: I like cooking because I have fun. I hope we will make something with food. 

Tomás: I went in the park with my new friends. It is nice to meet new people.