5tastic season summer


Learning About Pets

ORIGAMI PETS! We learned about pets and how to take care of them. We also made some origami cats and dogs. Alba P: I love origami! It's very funny and also very pretty. My dog's name is Star and my cat's name is Bigotes. I love my cat and my ...
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The Children Compete

Super Stars Vs Unicorns The children took part in a game to practice giving and receiving instructions, with increasingly difficult challenges. One member of each team was blindfolded, and the rest of the team had to give them instructions to rescue a cat, and take it to safety. They split ...
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Week 3 The Sound Experiment

The Sound Experiment Today there were a lot of new children to the group. They all met, conducted an experiment and here is what they had to say: Icía: I met a lot of new people. I like everyone here and we get along.  Rafael: We learned how the human ...
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Visiting San Pedro

Mountain of San Pedro FANTASTIC FIVE Marcos: I went on top of a rock filled with ants, and they went all over me. Isma: We saw a yacht and a huge cargo ship. Marcos: When I saw the shark in VR I got a bit dizzy, because I don't like ...
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The Tower of Hercules

The children went on a day trip to The Tower of Hercules. They got to explore the surrounding area and then climb all the way to the top to take in the breathtaking, and windy, views. Tower of Hercules Fantastic Five Isma, Marcos, Alba, Mia, Xacobo. Marcos: Today we went ...
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The Mystery Tree

The children became fascinated by a "tree" they found, and we let their natural curiosity lead the investigation. Here are their entries about the tree they found, and what they learnt. The Mystery Tree One day we were playing in the park and went for a walk. During our walk, ...
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First Day of Camp!

Today was the first day of camp. The children made teams and took part in activities to get to know each other. In each entry the children have chosen their own layout, pictures and fonts to have a living diary of their time at camp. Let's start: Team Panda Isma, ...
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